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The Firm was established in 1979, its scope of work was limited to the fabrication and supply of road, traffic signs and other road safety materials. The first expansion in the Firm's activity was in 1982 when a complete factory for manufacturing of directional signs and steel supporting structures was built. The fabrication process starts with the very basic raw materials and ends with the final products, which conforms to the highest standard of ASTM, DIN, BS & others.

Sa’ad Murshed Gen.Trad.and Cont. Est. is the leader in the design, manufacture and installation of Directorial and Traffic Signs in Kuwait Our establishment designs, fabricates and erects all types of traffic signs ranging from directorial, warning, regulatory and advertisement signs. With new product innovations and modern concepts in production.
We also design and install Traffic Barriers Bridge Rails, Fences, Guard Rails and the most prominent Road and Overhead Sign Gantries. We make sure that these road installations meet the highest standards for the benefit of motorists and the pedestrians. Quality Safety and Durability are the reasons why we are the leader in the industry. Using the latest technology, in computer control and automation, we coordinate the production of quality Directorial and traffic Safety Signs in our manufacturing facilities in Ahmadi.

As a leading establishment in Road Marking, we have been supplying, road marking technology for more then 10 years. we give solution to individual problems, developed to customers specific requests are a challenge for us. Our applications for road marking are under specifications & approval of:- Governmental institutes (Interior, Housing, Public works, Municipality … etc.,

Our material consists of: -
    • Kerbstone paint.
    • Thermoplastic.
    • Cold paint.
    • All types of road pavement.(CR,NR,TD) Delineators.
Our work applied to: -
    • Governmental sectors.
    • Airport. (Taxi ways; Run ways, Helicopter Landing Areas).
    • Private sectors
    • Commercial sectors
    • Industrial sectors.
The Firm holds a highly trained staff, starting form experienced Engineers ending to highly skilled labour.
The category of the staff is summarized as follows:-
1.) Civil Engineers.
2.) Mechanical Engineers.
3.) Electrical Engineers.
4.) Computer Engineers.
5.) Computer Programmers and Operators.
6.) Highly Skilled Welders (Structural Steel, Aluminum Metal Work, Stainless Steel Metal Works.)
7.) Highly Skilled Metal Works Fabrications.
8.) Complete Separated Staff for the fabrication of Interior & Exterior Signs including Traffic Signs.
9.) Complete Separated Staff for the fabrication of Electrically Illuminated Signs.
The Firm occupies 3 Main Workshops as follows:-
1.) One for the Interior & Exterior signs fabrications.
2.) One for the Metal work fabrication
3.) One for the fabrication of heavy steel structures.
The entire three workshops are equipped with the highest technology equipment’s. New office & factory building area of about 5000 Sq. Meters. The factory equipment’s could be categorized as follow:-
a) Interior & Exterior Signs Computerized Machines for Cutting, Engraving & Printing.
b) Metal work fabrication machines.
- Cutting equipment’s.
- Welding machines.
- Punching machines.
- Drilling machines.
c) Heavy structures fabrication machines.
- High Output welding machines.
- Cutting machines.
- Overhead cranes.
- Punching machines.
- Drilling machines.
- Plastic Heat Forming machines 10x15 feet.
    • Polycarbonate – Acrylic Forming machine.
Total Number of Staff working permanently including Administration and Technical Staff are 121
Among this Number
4 Managers
7 Engineers
9 Administrators
11 Foremen
31 Technicians
61 Skilled labors.
A) Interior Signs
B) Exterior Signs
C) Parking Way System
D) Road Safety
1) Directional Signs
2) International Road Signs.
3) Safety Equipment & Materials for road for construction stage And final stage
4) Electrically Illuminated Signs.
d) Metal Works.
1) Structural Steel Building & special purpose structures
2) Metal work for road and building including aluminum Work, stainless steel works. This covers all kinds of SafetyRail, Pedestrian handrail guardrails and any other required Metal works for all-purpose.
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