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Guide Signs
The use of directional signs mounted above the carriageway is essential in some circumstances and beneficial in many others. However, sign gantries are much more expensive than sign posts, and so the following advice is given to help designers decide when to either provide overhead signs or post signs at the side of the road.
There are many reasons for providing overhead signs and each location should be studied to ascertain which of the reasons apply. Some of the reasons which may combine to justify overhead signing are listed below. However, it should be noted that the existence of any one or more of the listed condition does not automatically justify the use of overhead signs.
Roads in Kuwait are constructed to various design standards and those standards adopted for a particular road depend on the function of the road within the road network. To ensure that both signs and roads are used efficiently, directional signs must be selected in accordance with the type of road along which they are to be erected
The quality and quantity of directional signing to be provided at a junction is governed by the classification of the road in question. The high vehicle speed and wide carriageways found on the SRN dictate the use of a greater number of more prominent signs at each junction than would be found on the PRN for Secondary or Local Roads. The provision of directional informatory signs is related to the road network classification.
It is important that drivers should be able to easily read or identify motorway and expressway signs
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