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Parking Way
Parking way is a system for opening or reserving a parking place or access frame operated by means of remote control.
With a single remote control command, access to parking way is released or reserved.
It is installed quickly and easily with no electrical operation required.
Battery operated parking way needs only to be fixed on the ground and then it is ready to use.
The parking way consists of a removable bar rotating on the floor box by 12 VDC power
No pre installation work is needed for parking way because the battery box slides easily in front of the floor box.
The battery inside the pack valve is regulated and rechargeable
Sealed lead battery 44-12v7.5a
Weight 9 kg
Dimension 37 x57 x 9 cm
range approximately 20 m.
transmission indicator light.
working voltage for receiver 12 v dc.
transmitter frequency 490 mh.
the standard parking way including 2 transmitters ready for working.
A small metal key included with the transmitter easily releases or reserves access to parking (like recharging)
The parking way consists of:
1. Black / Metal floor box (with fixing four holes)
2. Metal frame 2mm thickness with fixed yellow reflector
3. 12 VDC motor attached to floor box
4. Gas cylinder designed to absorb any impact on the frame
5. Metal sheet covers the floor box with 6 screws
6. Battery box containing 2 rechargeable sealed battery
7. Frame holder
1} Charging the Battery:
The battery box must be recharged before installation
Slide out the battery box from the floor box and take it out
Connect the charger mains cord to 220 VI 50 Hertz
Place on charge for 12 hours with the led on the side of charger on
The full charge signal by the flashing red LED on the charger
2} To install your parking way, you need:
Electrical drill
Drill bit 12mm diameter
4 Plastic flashers 12 mm diameter* screws 10 mm diameter X 80 mm length
4 washers.
3}The Position of parking way depends on two condition:
Width of the passage
Opening angle between the passage and your parking place
  To give you an idea, you have to fix the appliance about 1 meter form the entry of the parking place
  Parking way is totally resistant to impact at 40 angle.
  Parts of your appliance can be damaged, thats why we advise you to install protection bumpers on the tow side of your parking way
Put your parking way with the battery box on the right position
Mark for holes on the ground
Drill the holes and fix your appliance easily
4} putting in use:
Slide the battery box in the floor box and place it
Check that nothing is hampering the movement of the box
Press the remote control buttons and the parking way frame will rise
Press the remote control button and parking way frame goes down
Now it is ready to use
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